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Your business is unique, as such, so should your brand and all marketing tools that are used to represent you. All design from logos, websites,  business cards, flyers and stationary, should clearly show who you are and represent that uniqueness. With so many options and platforms to choose from, Calluna Designs is committed to support our clients in identifying the best options for them and to truly understand and create each visual impression with that uniqueness in mind.

Our clients range from construction, financial services, legal, e-commerce to health and wellness, hospitality, entrepreneurs and performance artists. While we may work with clients from all areas of industry, and in some cases from different areas of the country, one thing stays the same – our commitment to creating unique brand experiences, online or off, that fit your business and meet your client’s needs. Every design decision is made through the lens of your vision and mission with the end goal of providing you with a platform that you can manage, maintain, and expand upon on your own, without a full-time technical staff.        

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Heather Finch

Founder & Creative Designer

Chris Finch


Michael Cavallaro

Graphic Designer and Digital PR


“The nickname I’ve christened Heather and her company with is Website Goddess. Over the years, I’ve worked with many marketing and web design firms. Huge ones with an international footprint that charge a ton as well as small ones based oversees where the labor is cheap. Some offer really fast turnaround times. But you sacrifice quality. Other provide stellar quality. But you pay the price in long delays. Heather hits the sweet spot: Beautiful work done fast and efficiently. I’m busy and often overwhelmed running my business, and I hired Heather because she offered to do the heavy-design lifting. I didn’t have the time or energy to invest in putting tons of input into my site. At the same time, I knew a beautiful webpage was important for my business. I started by providing Heather a profile of what my business offered and the clients I worked with . . . then boom! (Insert mic drop here.) Within a short period of time, Heather created initial designs that exceeded my expectations. She made design decisions that went beyond what I imagined possible. She created a site that reflected how closely she listened to what I told her my business objectives were. From the colors to the images she selected, she took the lead when I needed her to. I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the end result. The overall design inspired me to work harder and use my site as a major marketing engine. Throughout the project, Heather did amazing work, listened to every detail I provided her, gave constant input and recommendations, and provided impeccable service. When it came to design questions about my site, she always steered me in the right direction. Beautiful work (with impeccable attention to detail) and fast turnaround times—Heather does both remarkably well, which makes her not only a Website Goddess but a unicorn too. If you’re looking for top quality and service, your search is over!”